The Lazarus Pool

The Lazarus Pool


If you would have asked me last week if the Lazarus pool was indeed real, you would have gotten me laughing... followed with an emphatic  "!" That was until I descended down into the pool that you see above. It was nearing the last hour of light that day when I came across this place, it was like photographer candy! Perfectly calm and inviting with beautiful leading lines into the horizon. Beyond all that photo mumbo jumbo, however, their was a purity about the place that was difficult to describe, but I'll give it my best shot... 

Look at the capture above and imagine for a moment: you are standing before this scenery with the sound of a crisp, light breeze wrapping itself around the lava rocks above. The water before you is neither to hot nor to cold to the touch but was inviting, calming. The light was soft enough so it didn't cast much glare and allowed you to peer into all the hidden details within the pool . It appeased all your senses and delivered what I can only describe as perfection. You would understand then why this place is named the Lazarus's hard not to feel rejuvenated after moments such as these.

I am very exited to be adding this piece to my Fine Art collection!

36" x 24"

Printed under acrylic glass. Ready to hang!

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