On Safari...

So this title is a bit misleading because this is still at home in Hawaii. I had been eying up this place for some time. That one little green tree out in the middle of a golden field... its like photographer candy! My friend Ed and I got out to the field and started clicking away. I couldn't help but feel like I had been transported to Africa, but instead of lions and elephants there were curious cows and bulls. While I didn't get the exact composition I had imagined, due to the weather and one of the bulls moving in a little to close for comfort, I did get this shot of Ed that he was stoked on and another reason to visit this place again to see if I can finally realize my intended concept. 

Thats one of the beautiful things about photography: it can take you places you otherwise wouldn't have gone and dream about moments that only exist in your mind. 

Happy shooting!


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