Starry Night Over Kauai

"Starry Night Over Kauai" by Ian Value

"Starry Night Over Kauai" by Ian Value

This is a hybrid piece for me: half photography/half painting. I was inspired by Vincent van Gogh's masterpiece "The Starry Night". For more information about Vincent van Gogh and his work see link:

 I saw the potential in this photo to mimic the same color profile and feeling of van Gogh's masterpiece. What you see here is a melding of the arts. My goal was to add a bit of that post impressionist style that van Gogh was known for whilst still maintaining a degree of realism from the capture itself.

If you looked at the links above you'll notice that van Gogh painted his piece from the "east facing window of his asylum room from the  Saint-Rémy-de-Provence  just before sunrise, with an addition of an idealized village". I really like imagining the scene as it could have been, van Gogh sitting in a softly lit room staring out at the world through the bars of an asylum. One can't help but wonder what went on in his mind as he painted his piece. Without prior knowledge of his mental illness, one may conclude he was completely in control of his mental faculties. In any case, despite whatever his mental state was, through his work we get a glimpse into times, places, and perhaps even feelings that this man who over 100 years ago painted works that still inspire us today.

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